Next-generation technology

Nex has a fundamentally different, next-generation design that breaks free from the limitations of fixed-function software.

Nex provides the flexibility and ease of configuration you get from spreadsheets in a robust, shared, fully journalled system. This makes it possible to create completely custom solutions that satisfy the needs of all users in a single system, in a fraction of the time custom software development normally takes.

Formula-based modelling system allows all aspects of assets, counterparties, markets and internal and external transaction behaviour to be captured completely faithfully. Nex imposes no limits on data structures, user roles, organizational workflow, reports, or internal and external transaction types.

Business Engine

Manages whichever business activities matter to you through a web-based interface. Completely driven by spreadsheet formulas, from data capture, through storage and processing, to display and export.

Custom data capture
Formula-controlled processing
Fully customizable outputs
Role-based user security

Any aspect of the system can be enhanced using our Adapt tool or our solution implementation services.

System of Record

All business data secured in a scalable, multi-server database. Each change permanently journalled, providing protection against deletion, retrieval of historical snapshots and auditing services.

Business-specific data model
Full, permanent journal
Consistent firm-wide snapshots
Stores files, timeseries & more

Provides key data storage services to Nex's Business Management Engine and is configured through it.

Timeseries Engine

Business and market data can be combined in any way to create cash, asset, exposure and other timeseries to predict and mitigate the future effects of any type of business transaction.

Powerful date/period operators
Hierarchical data & pivots
Aggregate hierarchies/periods
Flexible transaction posting

Provides data manipulation, pivoting, roll-up, date and period calculation and timeseries capabilities to Nex.

Adapt tool

Customize and extend your Nex system yourself.

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Implementation services

Fully-managed analysis, implementation and support services.

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