Exploit the full power of the Nex business management system without professional services costs.

Adapt allows you to create and edit data capture screens, interactive reports and charts, access and expand the data held within Nex, for any purpose.

  • Allows cost-effective customization for specific investors, increasing mandate wins (e.g. in workflow, investor's compliance checklist, investment strategy, reporting, portals, tax treatment)
  • Create funds-within-a-fund, e.g. multi-class UCITS
  • Excellent support for managed accounts - capture and operationalize mandate using tweaks to existing configuration
  • Can be extended for any user, any asset, any model, any data, any workflow, any internal or external event
  • Demonstrate to investors superior ability over your peer group in meeting their needs
  • Capture and automate investor-specific reports rather than repeating manual work

50+ data types

Forms and data fields

Pivot tables

Advanced pivot functions

Time series


Period/day calculations

High-precision numbers

Roll-up and aggregation

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