The prize

Most people recognize deep technology support can elicit opportunities that others miss, accelerate execution, reduce risk, cut costs and enhance operational gearing. But it's not easy to get there. Creating the technology yourself is risky and expensive, twisting your business to fit someone else's technology erodes your advantage, while spreadsheets and tactical solutions accumulate operational risks and inefficiencies.

Our philosophy

We believe technology should:

  • shape to fit your business,
  • maximize what you can achieve,
  • be low-risk,
  • come with sensible costs.

A change in the landscape should lead to your approach evolving, and it should be possible for your technology to evolve with it. Companies that can do that well have a chance to harness change for competitive advantage, and companies that do it badly will eventually face existential threats.

A fresh approach

We build a wealth of experience over many years developing trading technology at companies like BlueCrest Capital Management, Gazprom Marketing and Trading, UBS and Spinnaker Capital. Supporting rapid business evolution with technology using traditional approaches is extremely difficult, so we developed a number of techniques to accelerate adaptation and reduce the technology bottleneck.

5 years ago we found a fundamentally different way to approach the technology challenges such companies face; a way to make it quick, cost-effective and low risk for everyone from a start-up to an industry heavyweight to leverage technology without it becoming trapped by it. Changing the starting assumptions led us to something revolutionary. We created a new generation of technology to combine the best of the spreadsheet, package and custom systems approaches, without the usual disadvantages.

Today, CommodiFusion, based in London, serves buy-side financial services and trading businesses. Feel free to contact us to ask questions or discuss how we can help you.