Over many years, we built a wealth of experience developing trading technology at companies like BlueCrest Capital Management, Gazprom Marketing and Trading, UBS and Spinnaker Capital. We learned that supporting rapid business evolution with traditional technology is extremely difficult. Costs and timescales dictated that only the highest priority business areas received technology solutions, so technology remained under-utilized. Even in IT-heavy firms a great deal still happens on spreadsheets because enterprise technology isn't nimble enough.

Over time we developed a number of techniques to accelerate evolution, reduce the technology bottleneck and broaden its applicability in buy-side firms. Early in 2010, we founded CommodiFusion to commercialize our vision.

Our technology can help buy-side firms of all sizes make better decisions, lower risks, reduce costs and—most important of all—adapt and evolve. You can read more about our buy-side solutions.

Policy neutral

We make no assumptions about asset classes, investment processes, business sizes or structures. Our core technology is cleanly separated from business-specifics, freeing both to evolve independently.

This makes our technology uniquely flexible, and largely avoids IT resource constraints holding back business-led change.

Formula-based customization

While we're happy to undertake system implementation for you, it's essential you or third party consultants can grow and adapt the system to your needs at least as fast as the business changes. Our query / configuration system uses Excel formulas, while exposing the full power of the core technology platform. We use the same tools when we implement systems for you.

Core capabilities are ubiquitous

Any capability our technology has works everywhere. Each capability applies to every screen and report because they are part of the platform, not part of each report. You can get anything or everything as-of a past moment, or as it would appear under a different set of assumptions. And there are no reports that don't support auditing—not even ones based on derived data, like a cashflow forecast.

The future is fundamental

Systems need to help you look forward, and legacy technologies do so poorly, usually focusing on the accounting paradigm and the past and present. We have built rich date processing and timeseries support into the heart of our technology. You can understand not only the past and present, but to forecast the future with sub-hourly accuracy. You can project any timeseries: cashflows, exposures, electric power delivery, logistics, etc.

Cross-cutting system of record

A single product cuts across and serves the whole business, preserving global visibility and integrity. The legacy approach divides technology by business function, chops data into silos, loses visibility, constrains allowable workflows and creates combinatorially rising integration costs. Our approach ensures there are no constraints on your workflow, on the data you capture or use, or the insights you gain from it.

Broad applicability

An easy to customize solution works across a wide variety of buy-side firms. Spreadsheet formula-based configuration easily accounts for business-specific data, models and workflows. A single system of record consolidates all business data in a single place, improving visibility, accuracy and efficiency.

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